About the Project

Josh Herrington is the Austin based artist and mind behind Circle Circle Math. A creative endeavor born out of a need to explore new styles and mediums outside of traditional design and photography guidelines.

In 2017, he kicked off the project with a goal to learn and practice the new techniques he was discovering, by creating one piece of art every day. One year later, he found his art had grown and went on to create art for albums released by a number of record labels from Sony & RCA records, to Hopeless records - including notable work with artists from Stand Atlantic, Chris Brown, and more.

In 2018 he went on to co-found and produce art for Art Grab, a company created by a group of artists with the hopes of helping others find a platform to license their work to musicians, novilist, breweries, and basically anyone in need to license the unique works of the platform.

By 2020 with the rise of the pandemic and shutdown of society, model based photography grew harder to achieve. So Circle Circle Math took a slower role at art and shifted focuses on health and new business endeavors. As the world opened back up, so did his inspiration and he is thrilled to be back in full force doing what he does best, sharing his tools and assets, creating odd faceless surreal prints, and fulfilling his creative outlets.